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Having trouble connecting sigma 5 rotary to CHC. HELP!!


Apr 16, 2022
Hey forum people!
I purchased HRT160 P12 (didn't know it was P12 actually before it came) rotary for my mill, in some manuals on the haas website I have seen that I need software version below my one. And after I have in installed, I got an alarm A AXIS PHASING INCORRECT. And also I can’t choose this type of rotary in the control.
Am I stuck with it? Can I make any changes to get it run on my mill?
I got soft version 23.18A but I see it won’t work with something less then 24.00
I recently ordered software update from Haas Factory, and the guy (tech) installed not the latest version of Software (even thought we ordered the latest one, whata stupid)
Please help, need to get it run it very much..