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Heald 72A cylindrical grinder


Sep 18, 2021
Looking at a few different Heald 72A grinders. They seem to be a good :Dinexpensive option and parts readily available. I have only ran universal cylindrical grinders so don’t know much about these. My part bore is 6.5” I.D. Looks like most of these have a large chuck. Do they really only have enough travel to go to a 5.5” bore? Seems like most of the info I can find says 5.5” max bore size. Machine will be used as a manual. I need to go into a 6.5” diameter bore about .25” deep and touch up 5 degree angle (form grind not reciprocate.) In addition has anyone put a cup wheel on and ground a face or depth? If so what kind of accuracy can you achieve in the “Z” axis? What workhead spindle nose do they have for chuck mounting? Thanks in advance. :D