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Heald internal grinder issues

Dec 19, 2023
Hello everyone this is my first post ill keep it breif i am working on a heald internal grinder model 272

The issue i am having is on the auto feed its sticking alot I have already removed a few of the hydrolic valves and tried to clean them does anyone have any experience with these machines to point me in the right direction


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The issue i am having is on the auto feed its sticking a lot
What do you mean "the auto feed" ? The table goes back and forth automatically, and the cross feed goes in automatically, until it hits the end of travel then it stops. If it's like the earlier ones, the table is one long cylinder. Just like on a cylindrical grinder, there's dogs on the front that trip valves so it gets pushed one way or the other.

The cross feed has a ratchet that turns the wheel that moves the slide. The teeth on that are small. If the ratchet and the pawl are not clean and lubed, that can fail to work.

It's all pretty straightforward mechanical stuff but damn, yours looks like it went through a flood then rusted up for two weeks. Or three, or four. Poor little grinder.

Should be able to find a manual pretty easy. They had full parts breakdowns and maintenance instructions. Those are a nice grinder if they haven't been left out in the Mississippi for a month.
So the issue isnt with the dogs or anything i believe its a hydrolic issue it trys to engage then just does nothing for the table im currently taking the valves off and trying to clean them and see if there are any noticable issues it just feels like theres air or something isnt alowing the fluid to pass
So "auto feed" to most of us is going to mean the wheel head slide moving out to make the bore larger. Are you referring to the table traverse?? (the left to right motion of the table??)
IF it is the left to right table motion, yes, trapped air could cause the table to stall. Have you tried cracking the lines to the table cylinder and see if there are bubbles coming out? If ya get an operators manual it will be a big help for things like this. They are pretty easy to find:
If he's bitching about lurches at the end of table travel, it's normal to have to burp the table in the morning when you start. Even if you're very level, air seems to gather in the cylinder, so you have to run the table all the way to the extreme to get the bubble out.

But it's pretty hard to know from the description what's actually the problem. And the poor thing looks like it got left out in the monsoons for a month, I can't imagine it working well without a little more cleanup than seems apparent.

And yes the cross feed is ratchet and pawl, the description of the problem is clear as mud :(