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Heavy 10/10L QCGB Tumbler Question


Cast Iron
Aug 17, 2016
I recently picked up a nice S-B 10L and in one of the drawers was another set of tumblers/handles for the quick change gearbox. The tumblers appear to have been modified with bronze bushings, but I'm new to S-B lathes so I'm not sure. Has anybody seen a S-B tumbler with a bronze bushing before? The tumblers on the lathe are solid cast iron but otherwise look the same as these. It would seem like they would work just fine this way, but maybe I'm missing something?

Ordinarily I'd just toss them in the drawer and forget about them, but I was reading a thread on another forum where someone was trying to braze repair a tumbler handle that was broken in half and it dawned on me that maybe someone can use these. I just want to be able to correctly represent what they are and be completely fair on price considering they're likely modified.

Some pics since we all like pics. That's my Sheldon 13x36 peeking out on the right side and some arbor supports for my K&T 2H on the left in front of the tool box for eagle-eyed folks.

IMG_3364.JPGTumblers.jpgTumblers2.jpgIMG_3406 1.34.36 PM.jpg