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Heavy 10 Saddle Gib Clearance Question


May 23, 2012
Hoping someone can chime in on this - I'm in the reassembly stage of a total rebuild on my 1945 era 10L. The bed, saddle & cross slide were all planed and scraped in. I have had to shim the gearbox, & lead screw bearing unit down to account for the reduction in height. That has gone perfectly - however, I can not find any specification on the required/recommended clearance for the saddle gib. I have had opinions offered that say "loose" is fine as it only prevents the rear of the saddle from lifting - other have said "tight enough" so that there is minimal movement - i.e. just enough to allow the saddle to move along the ways.
What say the experts?

You need a minimum of .0.0005 per side or a total of .001. Hopefully the scraper scraped the ways co-planer to .0002". You need clearance for an oil film. Mount a magnetic base on the saddle and dial indicator on the cross slide and push and pull the cross slide. Push release, set indicator on zero, pull cross-slide, release and check the "lost motion".
You can search on YouTube on Adam Booth or Kieth Rucker " adjusting gib" where they show what I taught them in person.