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heavy duty steel tables


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I have a few heavy duty steel tables for sale or trade.

They were used for automation machinery bases.

Nice thick 1" steel plate. The one I have pictured is 62" wide by 113" long, the steel base structure is made from 4" by 4" square steel. This table also have leveling feet. One of the plates is in excellent condition, the other (under the plastic sheet) isn't as nice and shiny.

Located in Sarasota Florida.

I have 2 other steel tables of different size, these have 1" steel plate on them like the pictured one but use a lighter base structure with 3" by 3" square tubing construction. All have leveling feet.

If you only need the base structure or only need the steel plate that can be done. I can also deliver if you are close enough to my shop in Sarasota, Florida. You do need a way to unload.


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$150-$200 a table with the plates on it. Depends which table. Probably same price for just the plates or just the bases as you don't get much for steel scrap these days and the trip and time to go isn't worth the $50-$75 you get (if it's even that??), plus I would rather see somebody use these to produce and use here in the US.

Package deal for all of them, $500 (3 tables, 2 extra 1" thick steel plates, leveling feet included). I can load on your trailer or flat bed truck.

I would prefer to trade, I can always use cutting tools, nice measuring tools, aluminum tubing, organic food, jerky (home made is fine), nuts (almonds, pecans, cashews, etc.), good olives, non genetically engineered seeds, other???


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WHAT A SCREAMIN' DEAL!!!! I would love to have these and your asking price is great. You should have ZERO problems moving these. Why are you not closer!:angry:


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I'll probably be moving to Mediapolis Iowa. Jackalope if you can get them to O'Fallon and store them until spring you can have them all except 1 that I'll come and pick up in the spring.

That goes for anybody else within 3 hour drive of Mediapolis Iowa, anybody know anybody that has a flat bed truck with space heading for that area from Sarasota, FL please let me know.

And yes for the price it's crazy, but I'm not trying to get as much as I can, just trying to make up for the effort of moving them once already and loading and the time to find a buyer that can use them. It would be such a shame to see these at the scrap yard in between rusty bent metal.


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I would take one of them and pick it up from Iowa, but I can't make the drive to FL. I'm not clear on this part, are you moving them to IA when you move or trying to just unload them so you don't have to move them?



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I live in Sarasota Florida. I have a shop in Sarasota Florida.

I'm moving to Mediapolis Iowa to live with my girlfriend (more like a wife except without religion involved as we have been together 9+ years) and her parents that will need attention (they are both over 80 years old). They have a 100 acre farm and a nice modern building (about 2000 square feet where they serviced and sold pianos), also there is a nice size barn to store things in.

So at my present shop I have these steel tables and would love to end up with one in the shop or barn because there I have the space and although they are way overkill for what I need, why not have one if I can make it happen. But I don't need 3 heavy tables and 2 extra heavy 1" thick steel plates.

Here in Sarasota shop space is expensive and I have no way to account for the space these take up. I have a 2 week or so window to find the tables a new home one way or another. If I can't make that happen they go to scrap where they were going in the first place before I got them.

I also have machinery here that I need to figure out either to sell and then buy again somewhere close to Mediapolis, or to find a way to ship to my new location that is cost effective. I have a way to load here but in Mediapolis it's not obvious to unload as I'm not there and her father doesn't have a forklift and at 83 years old it wouldn't be easy for him to make it happen.

The best would be another person close by that can store the equipment until I move for good over there and come pick it up with a flat bed trailer. In exchange I can trade equipment (like these tables and steel plate) or money (so long as it made economic sense from what I said above).

We aren't moving any household furnishings they all stay here.


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Man I would love to be able to help. I can provide storage for the tables but have no way of getting THERE to get them.
What would you say they way total?
Perhaps a freightquote.com or some other carrier vying for return freight might be interested. I could very likely arrange for unloading at the shop.
Just thinking out loud. I am 35 miles West of St. Louis, MO right off Hwy 70


Please don't let them go to scrap:bawling:


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I've had quite a bit of interest today and have contacted and talked to all that have called and PM'd me.

Looks good for these tables being used again to make parts for many more years. Let's make it happen!


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here are the approximate sizes of the tables and plates:

1. table #1, the one made of 4" by 4" square tubing in the main picture. 62" x 113", 25" high without the leveling feet (which are included and can give at least another 4" high, these feet are 1 inch threaded rod with pads at the end).

2. table #2, is "L" shaped. Overall it is 62" wide by 99" long, the "L" portion is 30" wide and 41" long. It is 32" high right now with the leveling feet

3. table #3, 60" x 68", 26.5" high without the leveling feet, this one I'm not sure I have leveling feet that fit because it is on the ground right now and I can't see what thread the posts have, but I will include some leveling feet if when I load the table I see it's a right fit with the extra leveling feet I have.

4. extra steel plate #1, is a rectangular shape, 52" x 96", 1 inch thick

5. extra steel plate #2, is rectangle but with a corner cut off at with a 45degree angle, you lose about 20" by 20" in that corner, it also has a square cut in it about 8" by 14".

hope this helps, I'm trying to get better pictures for you.


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I wanted to update all that have sent messages on these tables and plates that I have agreed to give Dave from Jax until Thursday to try and finalize taking all of these.

I've done business with Dave in the past and he's always been great.

Others can continue to contact me for a solution beyond Thursday, or contact Dave (sandman2234) to conclude something with him (I think he only needs 1 steel table and a plate, but he does have some options on delivering to locations in Florida and Georgia that could work for a PM member, just contact him to see what can be agreed between you).

More updates to follow as required...


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tables are all gone with Dave to Jacksonville.

One of them will end up in Mediapolis Iowa and will be waiting for me in the spring!