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Heidenhain Tool Change Interact 2 Without Tool Changer Using Conversational Language


Aug 15, 2008
San Antonio, TX
I have an older Bridgeport Interact 2 with a Kwik-Switch 200. No manual tool changer.
I'm trying to use tools with a known length so I can do tool changes on the fly.
For instance center drill, then come back and drill.
Here is what I've tried but the 2nd tool is off in the z axis.

Zero tool is a center drill.
TOOL DEF 1 L 0,00 R+0.2,00
Code to do some stuff
(Manual code to move to a tool change position. Not sure this is the way to do it)
Move to X0, Y0, Z+2.5
TOOL DEF 2 L+1.00
LX+Z1,000 (testing the z axis movement to see if the tool length offset is right. It's not)
The Z axis will move to Z+2.000
Z Actl is 2.000
I believe the tool tip should be at Z+1,000. The tool is 2" off the part. TOOL 2 is longer than tool 1.
At one point I put TOOL 2 in the spindle, jogged the Z Axis to Z zero, and hit the button with arrows in 4 directions. It set the tool length for me. Just to make sure I put TOOL 1 in the spindle and checked that the Z axis was at zero when the tool was at Z Zero. It was.

I found this in the manual.
Tool change takes place in a definite toolchange position. The control therefore positions the tool to a position with non- compensated nominal values for execution of tool change. For this, the compensation data for the tool currently in operation must be cancelled.
This is done via a
The tool is positioned to the required non-compensated nominal position which is programmed in the following block.
Traverses to the tool change position can be executed via M91. M92 (Auxiliary functions M) or via a PLC-positioning command. (Information can be obtained from the machine tool supplier).
You told the machine that tool 2 has a one inch offset
You then told It to go to 1 inch
The display says 2 inches
Stop reading the display and look at the machine
Set tool one with a length of zero and zero it at the top of part
Tool two with a length of one tell it to go to zero and it will
Go to zero at the top of part
That worked. I'm used to writing a single program with just one tool. If I need another operation I would write another program. I would only have one tool at a time and it was the zero tool. zero always meant zero so the offset messed me up. I was able to get a program working with 2 tools with a tool change.
Thank You