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heidenhain VRZ 713B DRO question


Oct 14, 2012
Hello all,

A few days a ago I visited a friend who has a Weiler Matador. He said it was a nice machine, only sad that the scale from the X axis (diameter) was broken. I told him I had some scales that I didn't need anymore. So I took a scale that worked and shortened it. It works nice but there is a small problem.

Since it is the scale on the cross slide it should show 1/2 from the actual travel (diameter). I suppose this is a setting in a setup menu. Does anybody know how to get in the menu and change this setting? Or is there no setup menu and I gave him a wrong scale?

Thank you from Belgium
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Jan 15, 2005
The Netherlands
Wrong scale There is a possibility to change it with some other components but I do not know how You probably can read in the manual which type of scale you need Manual youcan download from the website of Heidenhein