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Helmel Checkmaster CMM $1000.00 OBO


Hot Rolled
Sep 17, 2014
San Diego, Ca
Helping out a friend's shop, long story short absolutely brilliant CNC guy had a stroke and brother is handling the liquidation to pay medical bills. I am helping to move this last piece of equipment.
It is a 1980 Helmel Engineering Checkmaster CMM model 138-525. The base is a Standridge plate, the calibration for the plate and CMM are 5/2021. The owner used this CMM often but got a new CMM not long before his unfortunate illness. The CMM rolls free and still reads accurate when checked against calibrated gauge blocks. There is a bunch of tooling, hold downs and touch points. The one thing I did notice is that the third decimal point on the X-axis doesn't always stay lit when there is moisture in the air (probably just needs the contacts cleaned). The readout is a standard Accurite and can easily be replaced with a more modern readout.

The data from the calibration tag was wiped off when cleaning the CMM before the pictures were taken. I will attempt to call and verify if needed. This setup is overall in pretty damn good shape for it's age, it was taken care of before things went south. The asking price is $1000.00, shipping can be arranged but it is going to have to involve a proper rigger to prevent damage. The machine is in Temecula, Ca and can be inspected if requested, but will have to be done by appointment. This setup needs to move as soon as possible ,if it has to be put into storage or rigged to transport the asking price will reflect that.
Send me whatever questions you may have and I will do my best to answer.


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