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Help- fanuc 18t contol lost parameters


Mar 21, 2007
Malta- Europe
We have a Gildemeister CTX 400F with a Fanuc 18T Control.
The Machine came up with a lot of errors one morning as if the Battery got flat but apparently the Battery reads the correct Voltage. Anyway we input all the parameters which were eventually downloaded one time from the machine by an engineer servicing the machines. There are a set of PMC parameters which I am at a loss where and how these have to be entered. I am posting them down below.
These are parameters numbered N60000 to N65859
I am listing only the parameters which are with a value;-

what I know for sure is that the parameters 62000- 62019 values go into a particular page with
the keeprelays display

the other parameters I am at a loss where they should be keyed.

most of the functions of the machine are back but the door is locked and the door key is non functional.

Can someone help please? Many thanks in advance.

N62000 P00100001
N62001 P01100010
N62002 P00000010
N62003 P00000001
N62004 P00000111
N62005 P01000000
N62006 P00000010
N62007 P00000000
N62008 P00000000
N62009 P00000000
N62010 P00000000
N62011 P00000000
N62012 P00000000
N62013 P00000000
N62014 P00000000
N62015 P00000000
N62016 P00000000
N62017 P00001110
N62018 P00000000
N62019 P00000000

N63000 P1
N63002 P00000000
N63003 P0
N63004 P1860

N64405 P48

N64407 P38
N64408 P27

N64484 P4
N64485 P4

N64487 P4
N64488 P4
N64489 P4
N64490 P4


Feb 24, 2019
Like Doug said, I would call the MTB or email them and they can give you the procedure. However, I do have the procedure for saving and loading the ladder on a 30 series control. I would think it's the same or relatively similar for an 18 series. Give it a look and let me know if it helps at all. Here is the link (too big to attach to the post).