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Help Identify This Vintage Tool Chest Middle Box Original Red Painted Black


Aug 14, 2023
Curious if anyone can identify the manufacturer of this middle tool chest. It has some distinguishing characteristics. My guess is that is circa 1950's. One drawer was removed to inspect and clean. I will add an additional pic once completed. It looks like it could be a red Kennedy without the crinkle finish, though the lock is mounted on the chest and not the drawer.
Dimensions 26w x 12d x 9 1/4h
Middle 2 drawer box without elevated edges on top to align another chest
4 diagonal slots on top near corners, which are rounded
No holes on face or drawers for any logo to have been mounted
Sides are flat and without handles, holes, or indents
It is a locking drawer (rear lever) with original Chicago Lock key
Drawers are full depth with standard formed drawer slides
Slides are welded on box and drawer with one loose slider extension
Very distinct center handle, larger space below than above, so under grasp
Handles have rounded ends, angled bends on standouts, and slight inward bend at top.
Red felt lines the bottom of the drawers
Thanks for any help.
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I don't see any similarities to Waterloo, who made some of the early Craftsman boxes. Handles are different as well as the sheet metal work.
Looks like the same style construction and handles as one of our lower rolling boxes, but ours has no tag so not sure who made it. Like the OP it's had some rattle-can black paint but I think the original finish was black or brown. Someday I want to refinish it and replace the drawer liners as they're currently cardboard in some and decomposing green plastic porch carpet in others. It's got a Kennedy 526 (plastic handles) on top that likewise needs rejuvenating.

This one has the same handles. They call it a Kennedy but not sure of the age or model.

On edit, Googling there's some more like the OP with red paint that are noted as 1970's Kennedy, and it looks like they have the Kennedy sticker on top.
eBay Kennedy
So I found this very faint image on the top. Don't know if it came on the box, or was imprinted by something that sat there. The picture was taken from the back of the box. Pretty sure the imprint is a diamond of 2 lines about 1/8" wide, and a numeric JZ7-5919. It looks alot like the last digit could be an 8, but from other views it's a 9. I can't make out any of the lettering above or below the numerics.
Looks like the paint reacted to something placed on top of it, more than something showing through from underneath. I haven't seen many tool boxes with OEM stickers on top, because it's a high traffic area that will wear down in time. The manufacturer wants their name to be on the box as long as possible... within a price point, for free advertising.