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Help Identifying Change Gears


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I know close to zero about change gears in general.

I won a lot of tooling that was supposed to be a for 13" Monarch Series 61, listed as a 15x54. The actual machine listing:
15.5" x 54" Monarch Model 13" Engine Lathe, new 1957, 15.5" swing over bed, 54" ctrs, 16 spindle

The tooling listing:

In the tooling listing was also a 10ee turret tail stock :D. . . And in talking to the auction house they had no real way of 100% knowing which tools to which machine exactly. They received the contents of a machine shop boxed and crated, with anyone who might have known long gone.

In this tooling I got a set of change gears. No manufacture name that I have found. Some part numbers though.

380.jpg 382.jpg

Also stamped in the wood frame "127 M-1694 English to metric":


Also a pic of the gears with their "piece number" on them:


Any help appreciated.


What it is "for", is not too important. Tooth counts, DP, thickness, and shaft bore size will determine if they can be used with your machine.


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I don't see mention of how 1694 applies

Just a number for that particular product. 14 and 16 used M-1696.

Older products had smaller M numbers

At the very least, it gave the bean counters an "account number" to charge expenditures to

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Chart in manual. May not be exact for 12 since it is in a 14 - 16" pub. Way better than nothing to accompany your set of gears


This can be emailed if you would like to PM me that address


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You guys rock ! From the link Hobby Shop posted:


Funny coincidences, chatting in the Heavy Iron section over the past couple weeks about Pacemakers, and in various conversations, a member's shop came up, then in a pm he actually mentioned his Pratt & Whitney 12C.

Fast forward a couple of weeks, and John ID's the change gears. You can see his 12" model C here, the last pic:
My 10EE and some shop pictures

He's got quite the shop going in, if you check the pics in that thread. I borrowed the P & W pic from there to post here:


I contacted him to inquire, he does not have change gears already. So I'll be shipping these to him. A real nice rebuilt lathe as well. Its fortunate the gears will going into the right hands.

Appreciate all the help guys, and John, I'll pm you with email. I'll print that and ship with the gears.

Thanks all.