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Help identifying this machine!


Nov 15, 2021
Saw this machine in a local machine shop, it is for sale and at a very interesting price. I have absolutely no idea what brand it is, only thing I know is that looks like a Deckel FP1, but older model. Also it has a 2hp main motor and an auxiliary motor which I am assuming is for the autofeeds, because there is no lever like Deckels or GHA. And one last thing, the control panel is in Spanish, so that makes me think it’s a Metba, or some sort of Spanish-Deckel clone of some sort.


Jan 12, 2006
Brookfield, Wisconsin
Got some pics but I don’t know how to upload them!!

This is a free image hosting website that I use to post pictures on this forum. You can create an account or upload without one.

1) ImgBB — Upload Image — Free Image Hosting
2) click on the "Upload" in top right corner
3) click on "browse from your computer"
4) select image from your desktop (or where your image is stored)
5) double click on image
6) click on the green "Upload" button on the website
7) in the Embed Code drop-down box , select " BBcode Full Linked"
8) Copy the link and Paste here. If there are two links, just grab the URL for the imgbb.com link