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Help me find out what machine this is please.


Aug 11, 2022
I have this down in my basement. Ive walked by it for years and never really had any idea what it is. Please give me any info on what this is please and thank you.

Here is the link to photos. I tried to upload here but it kept saying they were to big.


Apr 6, 2013
Damascus, MD
It looks like a rather old shaper. Hard to tell anything more from the pictures: in order to identify a piece of machinery, more panoramic pictures are much more helpful than details.



Oct 14, 2010
Oregon, USA
Yeah, I was preparing a sarcastic remark to that effect that "Of COURSE we can identify an elephant (machine) from a tiny patch of its skin (closeup of a casting or motor badge)". Fortunately, the 4th photo was taken far enough away that we could identify the machine as a belt-drive shaper.
A full front view and a full size view would be most helpful in identifying precisely what make and model it is.

Robert Lang

Apr 3, 2007
Minneapolis, MN
Here are the pictures resized.
Interesting. Even though it is a Bement & Son shaper, it looks closer to the 1893 illustration of the Bement, Miles & Co. one.
I wonder if it is a 9 or 10 inch stroke. Interesting to on the different table and the large handwheel on the pinion drive gear.
It looks like it is missing the tool head slide and clapper.
Here is the 1870's catalog cut too for Bement & Son.
Also the 1862 patent, which was for the internal bracing for a storage cabinet and door.



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