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Help! Need haas control software!


Apr 16, 2022
What year VF7? Is the procedure to pull the M Con from another machine pretty straight forward? Software is a constant battle on every Haas in our shop, one of those things that "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" except it's more like...

-if what you use the most ain't broke, don't fix it.
-if what you use once or twice a month is broke, go to a different machine when you need it.
-if the e-stop doesn't work when you push it, hope you didn't actually need it but let's fix it.
Hey Billy!
Thank you for your response man!
I finally fixed this baby and it’s been a busy time since so.
Tech came to my place and as I expected just insert usb stick to my control and download the file, and all activation codes parameters etc we took from my own backup..
The tech a nice guy though, can’t tell anything that I didn’t like about him. But the company policy about this things are rude.
It’s my first machine, so I didn’t have any other to pull something out. But I used the time when machine was sitting to fix everything what required to be. I cleaned and maintained everything, ran a new copper air pipe line to the machine.
Appreciate that you posting your comments!