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Help needed - Long Chang LC-16CV vertical milling machine


Jan 18, 2022
Hey everybody,

I just recently got my hands on a used Long Chang LC-16CV CNC knee mill for my home shop, and I've been taking some time getting it all set up.
When I got it, the memory backup battery in the control was dead so I had to reload all the parameters, which was fun.
Now that the machine knows what it is supposed to be again, I've got an alarm which won't go away and I haven't figured out what to do about it. In the control it just gives "NC error - 1 - Sequence Alarm" which is not helpful at all, since there's no error code to look up. (The "1" is just how many errors/alarms there are, if I trigger a limit switch it increments to 2)
There is also a light lit on the front panel labeled "W MTR TH", which I'm pretty sure means the alarm is something to do with the power knee drive motor, which is the W axis on this machine. The manuals I have for the machine don't have anything about these lights.

Any and all info I can find on this old beastie would be wonderful - I have a full manual for the Meldas control, which is lovely, but the machine manual itself is... Sparse, to say the least.
The guy I got it from had it running for years before I got it, so I'm hoping it's something dumb and simple that I can fix easily and be on my merry way.

Machine type: Vertical knee mill
Machine year: 1985
Machine brand: Long Chang
Model number: LC-16CV
Serial number: 76070015
Control type: Mitsubishi Meldas M0
Problem type: Setup

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