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Help needed on Cincinnati #2 MI Horz mill lubrication (Solved)


Aug 11, 2018
I have a Cincy Horizontal mill I am cleaning up and moving to another shop. The lubrication item #11 on first sheet states to fill to line on sight glass for lubrication the vertical screw. I removed the door covering the drive for the knee and the sight glass has no line attached. I cannot find a source for the line which I suppose would be a small flexible tubing. Anyone have an idea of terminal end and where I can find it? I assume it feeds the base of elevating screw somehow and my manual shows no lube lines. Vintage machinery 26880.pdf which is a 1953 print date and closest resembles my mill.. SN as best as I can tell is 2J2U1T-92.
Fill hole is #11 on first sheet

(Edit) Had it all wrong and thought I would post what I found here in the color photos. The middle hole of the three actually feeds the sight glass which has a cast-in channelin the door and door has rubber grommet to keep it from leaking. The "tube" is just a vent for the sight glass and probably overflows if one over fills. All it serves is for level check and vertical screw is fed elsewhere.
Sorry to jump to conclusion and ask for help.


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Little late here as I’m not on here much but I have the same Mill 1952 model I just make sure the glass shows bout mid way as there is no mark on my glass either and have never had trouble. Make sure the grommet on the back side of the cover seals good and has not flattened out with time or you may get a slight leak.