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Help : small face mill and wide work material.


May 3, 2022

I'm apprentice operator with no education.

Have D80mm face mill (6 tooth, 45 degree angle inserts) (Using S500; F400, reducing those parametrs is secondary option. Tried it. Cycle time is important ) .
Depth of cut, ap (mm)= tried 2 and 3 mm.
Working on H class material; width is 300mm.
Have to remove total ~ 40 mm in Z axis depth. ( so multiple passes, rough milling)

Problem: whenever cutting material width > face mill diameter i have to make multiple passes .

This creates excessive vibration and fast tooth wear.

1) What is correct tool path/rotations / mill placement vs surface on large materials ( W= 3x face mill diameter) ?
2) Does face mill have to be 120%+ size of removable material width ( read it somewhere ).

Thnxs :)


Apr 26, 2021
If the machine stability is not the problem etc..

I usually program a spiral pass towards center to always keep the cutter in climb milling. 2/3 to 3/4 engagement radial and our 80mm sandvik 45 deg. mill i usually run at 2mm max depth,
but probably could handle more.

But if you have 40mm to remove, I would highly suggest going with a trochoidal path and an endmill instead if thats a possibility. Muuuch nicer on machine, tool and likely a lot faster than facing all of that off with a facemill.


May 3, 2022
Forgot to mention that machine is some kind of 40 years old ,high power best.
So basic hand programming...


Hot Rolled
Jun 30, 2015
Saint Paul
Go on Youtube and look up Sandvik face milling. There are two or three videos about face milling that are super helpful to someone trying to get the most out of their face milling. Very educational and with animation of proper face mill applications. They concern lead angle, position of cutter in multi-pass work, chip thinning. You name it.