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HELP! Turret alignment issues


May 9, 2023
My 2008 Haas SL20 was recently crashed, not severe but enough to throw a few things out. Crashed in tool #1.
Trying to align the turret and have done the coupling adjustment in tool #1 position. I have tried grid offset position as well.
The issue is that I can home all/zero return and all is ok, but when I change tools to 5,6,7, and sometimes 8, the coolant pin that is supposed to locate in the rear of the turret is about 1/8" or more off location. Going back to tool 1 and the others are ok. This causes the tool not to be at spindle center and not allow me to locate tools using my tool presetter arm.
There may also be excessive play in the motor coupling backlash. Approx almost a 1/4 turn of play, is this normal?
Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance for any help.
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Cast Iron
Feb 2, 2016
I'm guessing that the center of the turret is off location. Even if the tool position at 1 is good the center can still be off once you start indexing. i'm guessing it gets better once you are past 8 and heading back to 1. This will be a job for an experienced tech. At least more experienced than me. Let us know what is found out.


Feb 22, 2007
There is a bearing retainer holding an angular contact bearing in the worm drive of the turret.
If chrasching in the right, wrong? direction, this retainer get bent, and the bearing can move axially, creating the large backlash you're seeing.
I started with trying to bend the retainer back into shape, this reduced the backlash. But then I ordered a new one from HAAS to have the issue properly fixed.

Is the reason you're seeing problem on one side of the turret that all the heavy tool holders are on one side of the turret?