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Help with a gear?

Ultradog MN

Cast Iron
Jun 14, 2020
Back story:
There was a machine auction last week and they sold an Electro Mechano drill press that the head was in pieces.
I have a good one just like it so I bid on it for parts.
Didn't get it.
I did get the gear box for it which got sold seperately.
I have it apart and a fiber gear inside is stripped. The company that made these went belly up about 5 years ago.
Parts NLA.
IF? manufacturer just used off the shelf parts I might be able to find a standard gear and fix it. Not interested in having a one-of made.
Where and how do I look?

Gear description:
2.587 OD
.558 ID
.625 W
40 teeth
Thanks for any help


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My Dad habitually rolls stop signs.

He got a warning the first time the cop caught him 2 blocks from his house.

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Dad's so bad at it that I have the Florida Revised Statute memorized. 316.123