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Help with American Hole Wizard Wiring


Dec 5, 2005
Southern Ohio
It has been a while since I was here. If this is in the wrong forum please advise. I have an old American Hole Wizard with a 9" column. I need to change the voltage from 440 to 220. No problem with the main motor as the nameplate is intact and the wires are numbered. The elevator motor however has no nameplate and the wires are not numbered (or at least I can't find any markings). It is also curious that the elevator motor has brushes and a commutator, never seen that in a three phase motor. Can anyone help me determine how to change this motor to low voltage? Thanks.


Mar 14, 2005
What year is your machine? The last two digits of the serial number is the yom. The serial number is stamped on the outside end of the lower head way. I have documentation on late '40's to mid '50's (estimated) machines, and they appear to show standard 3 phase motors for the elevating screw.

Did you see the collector rings at the top of the column and assume them to be brushes? The elevator motor is in the rear of the column, and uses a worm gear on the shaft to turn the worm wheel attached to the elevator nut. The elevator shaft does not rotate, but will lift up and disengage (turn with the nut) in the event you power down the arm into a solid stop.
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Hot Rolled
Feb 24, 2013
Santa Cruz
This video was fantastic when I got an old lathe all wired for 480v and had to change it to 240v. Had like 4 motors to change and half the plates were unreadable. I used a doorbell power supply from Home Depot. Worked like a charm.