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Help With Baileigh Press Brake.

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Mar 22, 2012
We Purchased a 50 Ton Press Brake (Model BP5078CNC according to Baileigh's web site,Model PPTK 40/20 according to the Plate on the machine)with the YSD 3000d controls.The questions/help I need with it are as follows:
1.When in manual mode,if I jog the "x" axis (backstop),it PHYSICALLY moves in/out according to the button I press.When I jog the "y" axis (ram)the only thing that PHYSICALLY moves are the chains and gears for the ram (y axis) not the ram itself.
So my question with point no.1 is should the ram be moving PHYSICALLY ASI jog the "y" axis,or only when I press on the pedal AFTER jogging it with the button?
2.I had a problem with the "x" axis not going to the programmed location. (too much travel ,sometimes up to .100",which could be oddly remedied by jogging the pump off and on until it moved to programmed spot,or too little movement.Too little was always around .005")
I went into the system parameters area and made adjustments trying to fix the problem.(I had pictures of the settings I was given by a Baileigh Tech so I could go back to if they did not work out.)I turned the "x enabled" setting from a 1 to a 0.When I went back to the manual screen I saw the values for x were a dashed line(--------)and I had no response with the jog button.I went back into the system parameters and changed "x enabled" back to 1 from a 0.I backed out and went into manual mode and saw that the x axis still registered all dashes for it's values and was unresponsive.I went into single mode and programs and x had dashes across all modes.Is this a problem with my controller or the machine?It is a brand new machine.I would love to find another user with the same machine to see how theirs works and if they have had similar issues.
This has been fixed.After turning the x axis back on,apparently it needed a value (not necessarily the correct one) for it’s location.After putting an arbitrary number in,it “found” where it was.