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help with finish settings on Chevalier ED252


Dec 18, 2014
I bought an almost new ED252 sinker. I have had a few sinkers and run a few sinkers in the past 30 years . I am able to get it set up and going but it seems as if it is barely burning. The manual was written by someone who doesn't have a good understanding of the English language as are many manuals from China and Taiwan. I have been trying different settings but I can't seem to get it to burn at a steady rate. I end up switching the job to a friends "tried and true" Victor and it burns great. The settings on this machine for on and off time are in a different measure as well as most of the other setting dials. I have set them within the range of what the manual calls out for starters but am still having trouble with this particular machine. My flushing is great, no problem there. Anyone out there have one of these and could offer some advice if I sent a pic of where it is set now ? I do have some fairly successful rough settings that burned well.