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help with gear box repair guys

jim fuchs

Cast Iron
May 5, 2003
hi guys i have a gear box [hub city ] it has 4 holes on top and 4 holes on bottom they are 1/2x13 . 2 holes on top and 2 on bottom are striped out . whats the best way to repair.

use key lock inserts 1/2 x13 id by 5/8x11 od thin wall inserts . locktight with red with studs installed then pin studs with roll pins from sides . this had bolts that keep coming loose . then use nylock nuts and hard washers .

drill out to 5/8x11 tap install studs and pin then inlaege slots on machine with carbide bure .

or weld the cast iron box with tig and gray iron rod and retap holes . never welded with cast soft rod before have used nic. will it be strong filling holes that way . hows the best way to do it guys .

this is on a old skid loader case 1737 has a lot of shaking when pum turns on and off and off one side has main drive belt . jim here are some pics of the box i have it took apart main shaft went bad ...


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I would never try to weld and re thread . You will always wind up with a hard zone that will be a pain to thread . Shop made threaded inserts work well for me . tap oversize to 5/8 fine thread . if you can use an adjustable die , make them a tight fit , use locktite red , maybe chamfer the tapped hole a bit , then peen the stud . drill and tap the next day .
gear box

taping to the 5/8 works but this is a 1 time fix if it does it again the box is done . 2 holes on top and 2 holes on btm are in good shape .maybe i will thread the thinwall keenlocks in with a stud with green locktite . and then pin the stude in the side .. jim
. locktight with red with studs installed then pin studs with roll pins from sides . this had bolts that keep coming loose . then use nylock nuts and hard washers .


If the bolts keep coming loose a solution might be to use longer studs(6D or more ) with a bushing under the nut
That way you strech the stud more preventing the nut from comming loose

Peter from Holland
Jim, HGR has some Hub city gear reducers that resemble yours for $19.00 May be you could buy one for the case. I get down there frequently, and could take some measurements. [ :: HGR Industrial Surplus - We Buy & Sell Everything! :: ]
Hows everything going for you "post flood"? I was sitting around a couple of weeks ago, thinking about you and your wife, wondering whatever happened to you guys.
Was really surprized to see your post. Dave Lozori [acme thread]
Still makeing my yearly trek out to Wyoming every summer, give a holler if you need anything hauled out.
gear box

10-4 still cleaning stuff almost got my storage garage cleared out but now i have tons of stuff to clean and put away. i put a lot of stuff in 5 gal cans with sealed lids . we oiled the stuff up by diping in diesal with oil in it then in the can what hap. is the temp change at the storage garages made a lot of water cond. in the cans ...rust most stuff was in zip lock bags it even got that stuff wet . dang but i bought this old case 1737 skid loader so i could move the heavey stuff around to clean it up better . the old guy says it runs ok needed a carb kit runs rich . well he ran it around the drive and shut it off i bought the dang thing told him pick it up sat had to get a trailer ,,,went out to get it no one home , call him he says go ahead and load it you know how to drive it , well i moved it up the lane to trailer and turned to trailer raised bucket up and all hell came loose the gear box had only 2 bolts in it and they came out spining the gear box around riping the pump hoses uot of pump and dumping 19gal oil on ground call him up told him what hap. he says dang sorry but you better get someone down to push it up on the trailer it yours now i says i want my cash back he says no way .....so drug it home tore into it .. the very drive is bad . the pump was damaged bad the main shaft was wore bad . then i took pump off gear box and the spline drive in end of gear box was shot he had welded a gob of trap on pump and shuved it back just to sell it . well i made a new main shaft , pulled very drive off and changed it to 1 speed chain drive , then have made a new a2 main shaft for gear box
trying to get the spline 7/8x13 sae put in end of shaft so i can harden it and fix gearbox .
we have a wire at work one of the members on here helped me draw the spline so i could cut a carbon to have someone plunge edm it in there but we tryed a fem. cut on wire out of steel just to make shure it fit before we cut the carbon . it was very tight so im trying to adjest the size down for more clearence. wish i was better at cad . boy if thay got eny model 600 or model 90 boxs i would be interested ... parts are very high for them from hub ... .will look on web to see if they have them listed . boy what a way to end a summer . how have you been . jim