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Help with Makino Milling Machine EDNC 43


Sep 5, 2018

I have one Makino Milling Machine EDNC 43

Yesterday, the machine was runnig one program. When it tried to change the tool, the magazine did not turn. (Manually or Automatic)

We cheked the motor and we did not found voltage on it.

After that we follow the cables and found that the number screen of the Juspoint controller did not turn on.

Any idea about my problem?

thanks in advanced


Sep 28, 2018
I have seen this problem before. The issue here is the Juspoint controller has failed. If i remember correctly the Juspoint stopped being offered about 10 years ago.

I believe not even the OEM, Yazkawa, sells those anymore on America. You can try to have an electric engineer try and figure out what is wrong on the Juspoint, it will be cheaper and faster than trying to find a replacement.

I have seen older EDNC43 with a retrofit by Makino, but i know it is on the expensive side.

You may as well try to operate without ATC.