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help with Mystery bushing from 10ee


Feb 6, 2021
Embarrassing problem here, Does anyone recognize this bushing right off the bat? it's a 3/4" bore with oil grooves. I am finally getting to the end of my rebuild and I have this left over. Can't for the life of me remember where it went. I did not get into the headstock so I know that's complete. I'm reasonably sure I would have noticed a gaping hole where an idler shaft or something else went as I was putting things back together.
1950 square dial MG


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With the setscrew "scotch" locks, it would most likely be some bearing retainer in the gearbox? Sorry, that's all I got. I am going thru my Monarch pics to see if anything looks similar. The only one that looks similar is the gearbox output shaft bearing holder. It is the shaft and big belt wheel that transmits power from the headstock spindle to the gearbox.


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Thanks for the suggestion! I pulled the flat pulley wheel and it isn't that bushing. There are a couple like that in the apron, but I would have noticed one missing when I reassembled it. Main issue is this has been an 18 month process. Apron went back together first and sat wrapped on a shelf for a year.
I'm reasonably certain that this bushing came with an assortment of Monarch bits and bobs I purchased off Ebay a year ago, and not off this lathe. I restored a '43 16cw before the 10ee and needed some correct hardware.
I double checked all my fasteners that I have remaining, and I don't have any grub screws that would fit this. I am meticulous with small parts as I tear down, so I would definitely have it. (the knock-off sharpie I was using rubbed off the bag I had this stuff stored in, causing all this confusion in the first place.)
Anyway, thanks to all for looking, and sorry to waste anyone's time.