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Help with switches Goodway GW1440

Dwayne D

Feb 2, 2024
We just purchased an older gw1440 lathe to mess around with and be able to use fixing some of our equipment. We managed to damage the machine before we even got it loaded on our trailer just picking it up. All of the switches and or lights or buttons on the door below the headstock were broken. I'm hoping someone can possibly help identify what they were and figure out what I can use to fix it. I have some experience with a milling machine, however no experience at all with a metal lathe.
Sorry, we were on our way back with it. Here are a few pictures. I have figured out that 2 are indicator lights and 2 are switches, one for the coolant pump and the other says main switch.


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Often these switches / indicators are made of two sections. The back part is the switch or lamp housing and the front part is the mounts to the panel and contains the lens or switch knob. Many are standard and exchangeable. Have a look at the automation direct catalog if you have parts that are smashed beyond repair.
I have and use a Goodway 1440 Lathe.
From left to right: 1) Green indicator light when the coolant pump is on.
2) Coolant Pump Switch. Off is to the left.
3) Red indicator light . For when the two speed motor is on Low or
4) Motor Switch. Low left, High right.
Measure the diameter of the screw portion that attaches the switch to the panel. Often 32mm is a standard size for such switches and indicator lamps.
Search for 32mm switch.
Often sold as operator and seperate terminal block
Bill D