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Hendey 12x4 tiebar headstock rear bearing conversion question.


Sep 9, 2016
Greetings Hendeyians.
It was quite a lot of discussions here about front bearing; I have question regarding rear bearing possible conversion. Is there anybody who has an experience of removing rear bearing babbit body, spindle cone sleeve and fitting ball bearings or (better yet) tapered roller bearings?
Rear bearing adjustment is too touchy , or it is significant "play" or rear bearing is binding. It is really hard to find "sweet spot" and , most sadly, this sweet spot is drifting away. Once adjusted right it is tends to get sloppy and if I am a bit overtitening it , even a tiny bit it tends to bind and warming up.
Odd, I had no trouble adjusting mine and mine is a well used 1903 machine. You do realize the rear bearing and front bearing have separate adjustments.