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Hendey Lathe Info, Serial number 10573

Nick W

May 25, 2007
Milford, CT
Got this lathe when the company my dad worked for moved into a new building a few years ago. Finally got some to get it running, and was surprised to see how old it was. Just cleaning it up now.
Any info on serial number 10573?
I’ll post some pictures later today.


Nov 18, 2005
elfrida arizona usa
Nick W:

Welcome to the Forum.

Hendey lathe No.10573, a 14 X 6 Cone Head model, was built during the last week of May 1909. It was shipped with a Taper
Attachment and an Oil Pan. The original owner was the New Departure Manufacturing Company, no city or state was listed.
This lathe will have the new style Carriage and Cross Slide introduced after June 23, 1906. There are no longer any Patterns, Castings or Repair parts left in inventory for this lathe, but all of the original drawings are still in the files, so parts can be made if required. When referring to parts, use the part and page number listed in the 1904 Parts
Book. Note: While the cover may state that the Parts Book is 1904, it was actually compiled at a later date.