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Hendey Lathe Info, Serial number 11995

Nick W

May 25, 2007
Milford, CT
Picking up an old Hendey lathe for free this weekend, been sitting outside under a tarp for a few years, but everything moves freely. S/N is 11995, any info on it?
What is it's approx. weight? It had the head stock removed, no tail stock, no motor.
I already have one (SN 10573, 14x6) that I am restoring.

What would be the best option to put a motor on this for home use? I have a 3 phase converter, but single phase would be more convenient.



Nov 18, 2005
elfrida arizona usa
Nick W:

Very little information has survived concerning Hendey lathe No. 11995 a Cone Head model. It was completed during the third
week of October 1910. It was shipped with an Oil Pan. The original owner was the State Trade School, Hartford, Connecticut.
At a later date, it was owned by the F. L. Wallen Company, Meriden, Connecticut. The Serial Number Card indicates that it
was Rebuilt, but no date is given. A quick search of the Rebuild Records didn't provide any additional information, but
keep in mind that these records are not in good order, so it may be several months before I have them properly collated.
I did notice one interesting thing, about twenty lathes were listed as "lathe has no serial number". It will require more
research to try to determine what that is all about.