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Hendey Tiebar carriage question…

Hit Miss Engine

Cast Iron
Dec 4, 2008
Here is my Hendey … finally back together after many hours of cleaning and repair… Like most used Hendey’s the spindle was in need of shimming …the cross feed knob was stuck fast and upon disassembly the inboard support casting for the large gear in the center of the apron was completely broke and floating around … I cannot for the life of me understand how that would happen? Many loose bolts and years and years worth of old caked dried dirty oil and paint removed, cleaned, oiled and reassembled… I’m glad this lathe is back up and running… my question is with regard to the carriage… there is a plate that bolts under the carriage with two square head bolts …this plate essentially holds the cartridge down to the bed of the lathe..when I removed it the bolts like many others were loose … when I reinstalled them latter fully tightening them locked the carriage up… there was no shim when I removed the plate but I made one from .020 shim stock which seemed to do the trick… would there originally have been a shim? Just wanting to make sure I’m not missing something more in depth that may require attention. Thank you in advance!


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Hot Rolled
Jan 28, 2008
emporium pa
Hit & Miss,
Nice job bringing the Hendey back. I've owned a 16" tie bar since 1976 and really enjoy using it. Serial No. 8851, Hendeyman sent me some information and said it was a 1906. Mine has the same Lima drive as yours and the four speeds + four more in back gear are right for everything except small stuff which the big chuck will not hold anyway. Mine has that plate you asked about but I've never had to deal with it.