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HGR 16" Hendey in TX


Dec 4, 2010
McClure, PA 17059
16 X 54 Hendey in Ft Worth, TX inventory #0223-128-0001 listed at $924, 18 speed, D1-6 ( I assume) 3 jaw chuck Taper attachment, thread dial, Air Force original owner. Ways look good. Machine looks to have sat collecting dust for quite a while. Slow spindle but my machines had 6 pole motors. Adding a 2 speed motor will make it a great machine. I'll bet an offer of $850 might get it, maybe less. One note of caution, I have seen quite a bit of HRG machinery, some are in very bad shape, others in great shape! So it's best to see it before it's shipped!
I'm watching it. I did see it in person. It appears to be in somewhat decent shape. It does have bed wear in the usual areas. Way too much to scrape out. For someone needing a larger lathe to do larger stuff on it will do fine. Cross slide also has normal wear but tolerable and easily be fixed with some scraping. Since they don't have power available to run the lathe, I couldn't tell you how the lathe runs or if there is any bad gears in the headstock. Don't let me stop anyone from buying the lathe. My wife will kill me if I drug home another piece of iron! I'll be up there the week of the 25th if anyone wants me to look at anything for them.
You mentioned it was an Air Force lathe. Wonder if that may have come out of Abilene, west of Ft Worth? It has that west Texas look to it as of it sat out in the open for some time before HGR got ahold of it. There were several other pieces of machinery there with the same "affects" that lead me to believe they all came out of the same shop.
I'm in Pa, best I could do is look at the photos. Seemed good as much as I could see. 4GSR is there to see what I can't. I'm in a similar boat, my shop is so full I can't fit another machine! I keep looking at HGR for tooling, got some really great deals on motors, searching brings up more than I want and how I seen the lathe. Since the buy-out they don't have the great deals like they did before, they should use USPS flat rate to ship small parts, I told them it's a lot cheaper! Maybe if you can 4GSR make a few photos of the wear on the ways.
For more info on the machine ask Hendeyman.
If it is still there, I'll try to take some pictures, IF I can get close enough to it. The day I was there, there were three lathes bunched up against each other with maybe 12" in between them. I'm not that skinny and too crippled up to be climbing over stuff now days. I'll try to at least take a picture of the serial number and closeups of the ways. If they are not too busy, I may get them to move things around so I can get closer to the lathe. Ken
I went by this morning and while I was waiting on them to pull the Items bought, went over a got a closer look at the Hendy lathe. I cranked the carriage back and forth and moved the cross slide in and out. That lathe is in nice shape for its age. The carriage is tight and not sloppy. I see normal wear on all the ways, but not bad IMO. No gouges or drag marks from lodge shavings and such. The lathe can usea cleaning! The serial number is 38465 followed by H1441. The old lathe still has its dabber, too! Does have a DD1-6 spindle nose.
Here's pictures of some of the ways surfaces as best as I can get. I also attached copies of the pictures HGR show on their website. Enjoy! Ken


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Here's more pictures of the ways. They are not bad at all. If I had a place to put this lathe, It would be mine right now.


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Here's a copy of the pictures from HGR's website.

Oh, the spindle speeds are very low on this lathe. Under 550 RPM on the spindle. That doesn't bother me for what I would use it for. Ken


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