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Hitachi Seiki 4th axis...hydraulic lock??

MwTech Inc

Feb 6, 2005
Fishersville VA
Well....after repairing many wires the ol girl is doing much better.. va-40 6m

X Y Z all move by handwheel and rapid switch.:D And XYZ will home and turn on home light

No spindle or tool changer yet:confused:

Now stuck with A giving alarms had 403 446 703......... fanuc driver showed hcal tgl

A would not move, mechanical?? pulled servo off and checked brushes, all ok
cannot move the gearing in the drive head it's very tight.
Servo connected on floor will run , sort of slow, I assume its looking for the position sensor feedback??

Powered down during all this and after startup the following....

Now all the alarms are gone:willy_nilly:

A servo just continues to go around.....assume again looking for position?

Now, there is a hydraulic line going to head, back to a solenoid that has a "led light" I have not ever seen this light come on.

So are the heads "locked" always and then loosened when you activate A home switch or try and move via handwheel or is it the opposite??

Do i have a mechanically tight rotary?? rotary is a Tsudakoma RNCM-301R

Well.... walked back to keep working on it 5 min after writing this and we are back to alarm 403. Servo makes a quick jump then the driver contactors drop out

Answered my own question, unit on but did not press the ready button, gears turn just fine on table so as soon as the pump comes on it locks, maybe the light is burned out ?? this valve does feed back to another one so I wonder if this valve is being used as a check? with the one further downstream dumping the pressure?

Well 15 min later we are back up and running no alarms, servo back on rotary,, still have hydraulic pressure locking table.

i do have the Micron parameters and just figured out how to check them... all but one is correct . the 4th was added later so ...

Tool changer is off by two spots, you ask for 8 it will give you 6 ask for 16 you get 14 etc