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Hitachi-Seiki HT23J


Mar 19, 2024
Greeley CO
Trying to figure out why cycle start doesn't work on my Hitachi-Seiki HT23J. I had one problem after I moved it, The turret wouldn't index. Had a guy come work on it. He was here two days & didn't fix it. Next guy I called, Roger Schly talked to me on the phone several times over several months, finally got him to come look at it. He said the turret drive was bad & that he could fix it. He sent it back to me, I put it in & it did nothing except screwed up the IO board & made the machine make a loud clicking sound. I changed it back to the one that I knew worked when I had the machine running before I moved it. Then I had the first guy come back & undo everything he had done, thinking it was something he did. But he found that the IO board got fried. He changed it out with the one I have from a parts machine, and the clicking stopped. But now the cycle start doesn't work. The ladder shows it sending a signal, but the cycle start & the cycle start light doesn't work. I sent the fried IO board & the turret drive to Precision Zone to be checked out, & they said it would be over $1800 to fix the turret drive that Roger charged me over $1200 to screw up. And that there was a bunch of bad soldering done on it & other stuff that Roger Schly did wrong. I had the guy at Mori-Seiki that referred Roger to me come look at it, & he had the turret issue fixed in 30 minutes.
The cycle start problem has to be something simple. There are no alarms or messages & everything else works. I obviously can't MDI anything or start a program.
Does anyone have any ideas as to what would be causing this?
Sounds like a mess. Sorry to hear about all this.

On my HT23J, the feed hold button failed so that sometimes it would always be on. Pressing cycle start did nothing when this happened. Check the diagnostic for the feed hold.