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Hitachi VFD for small 3ph motor


Apr 15, 2019
I recently bought a small Kira drill/tapping machine. The previous owner replaced the controls with a no brand vfd.

I am planning to replace this with a 120v to 3ph unit, given that this is a small motor and I’d like to avoid running 230v line to it if possible.

WJ200-007MF | Hitachi Drives |

I would like to put this vfd in a stand under the machine and mount a control box on the machine featuring on/off, e-stop and a digital speed control.

So I’m wondering if this is a good choice of vfd for this purpose and if anyone can recommend a speed control that can be utilized here.

The motor is 230v 3ph, 0.4kw and draws 2.4amps.

Thank you!
Hitachi makes good reliable VFD's at the price point. The Teco L-510 is a less expensive alternative and may be a bit easier to program. I believe the Teco has a removable front panel if you want to relocate it, you need an extension cable. Only down side of the Teco L510 is it does not support an external braking resistor if you needed very quick stopping. There is also the Fuji Mini Drive which Wolf pushes quite a bit, I would say is similar to the WJ200. Fuji manual is a bit less user friendly if you are a newbie.

Teco Westinghouse L510-101-H1-U
L510-101-H1-U | Teco Westinghouse |

Fuji Electric FRN0005C2S-6U
FRN0005C2S-6U | Fuji Electric |
I have students in my shop so an E-switch is necessary and ideally should start an active braking program. Hitachi has the resistor built in which is a nice feature.
I have 3 WJ200s used for 1- to 3-phase conversion. All are remote-controlled. I've never had a problem. The WJ200s have a nice feature, in which they only brake as much as possible without tripping on over-voltage. That way, a braking resistor is unnecessary as long as the application can stand the increase in braking time. I find that the braking is quick when the mill it is on is in lower gears, but takes longer at higher speeds when there's a bunch of stored energy to be absorbed.