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Hitachi VFD - Pushbutton speeds


Apr 15, 2019
Setting up a WJ200 for a spindle moulder. So far I have it wired up and running on the low speed windings of a dual speed motor and plan to over speed it to get the high speed settings for the machine.

I have the setup wired as a typical 3 wire start/stop with NO/NC respectively.

I have a 3rd switch I want to use as a high speed.

Problem I’m running into is that it seems to be that the speed settings may need maintained switches to retain the speed.

I’d like to have at least one setting other than the standard 60hz setup.

Has anyone done this? How did you set it up?

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The switches are on the right.

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I’ve done what you’re trying to do with other brands of vfd’s All required maintained contacts to the input for the alternate speed. On my lathe I used an allen bradley 800t switch with a 3 position twist type actuator. In my case it selects speeds of 20,40,60hz.

You could also just use a toggle switch.

Can you just get another switch?
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That makes sense, I think I’ll put in a three position selector switch and have a few speed choices.

Much appreciated!
I went with a three position switch. I wanted to setup the function of the machine to be very similar to its original function. I added one speed setting which gives me a total of 6 speeds.

Also didn’t really want to cut in for a digital RPM display.