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Hitachi VFD size for 5.5hp motor


Apr 15, 2019
Prognosis is that the single phase motor on my saw is dead so I’m replacing it with a 3ph motor. The replacement 1ph metric motors are fairly expensive in this size range.

Motor I found is 240v 3ph 4kw. Draws 13amps.

I’m looking at a hitachi inverter since I have installed a couple of them so far.

The inverter I’m looking at is WJ200-037LF

My math suggests I need an inverter capable of 22.5amps on single phase input.

Thank you!
The WJ200-037LF is a 3 phase input VFD, ti run off of single phase figure a derating of ~2 so you would need the WJ200-075LF which has an output current of 33A with 3 phase input power and around 18A for single phase input. Other VFDs that are native single phase input would be the Invertek ODE-3-320153-1042, 5 HP, 230V rated at 15.3A and Yaskawa GA50UB018ABA 1/PH 240V 5.0 HP 17.6 AMPS.
Or, challenger here has a 10 horse rotary which he wants to sell and doesn't have a value. Offer him $500, he can turn some plugged-up garage space into cash, you can save a little money and get a better device with future expansion capabilities, everyone happy happy.