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Home made reverse flush plate for a die sinker edm

vincent eggleton

Jun 28, 2016
This item weighs about 40 lbs. and the rough dims are 13 3/8 x 9 1/8 x2 5/8

This is a home made reverse flush plate for a die sinker edm but could be used on other equipment.

It has a hole on the bottom that is threaded and also a threaded hole on the back for your fluid to go into.The hole in middle on the top is threaded and there are 1/4 20 holes for your fluid to come out of. This could also be used as a platen for a drill press or different piece of equipment by just taking out the set screws and putting in your toe clamp studs.

I tried to clean it up but if you have an EDM machine that uses deionized water instead of die electric fluid I think you will need to flush it out better. I put new 1/4 20 set screws in the holes. There are two bad holes that I did not want to burn out and retap just to keep the overall cost of the item lower. There are marks stamped with S and the set screws that go into those holes are shorter because of the bend of the tank in the middle. The edges look like they where milled at one time but not to a full clean up. The top and bottom look like they where ground at one time so I stoned them for a cleaner look.

I posted this on Ebay as well for $430+35 shipping
Home made reverse flush plate for a die sinker edm | eBay
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