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Jan 4, 2014
Portland, OR
I've got some really high value parts with a ~2in diameter x 4in length hole that needs to be honed to size. Currently they have TYPE III black anodize that is too thick. Would like to hold +/-.0002 (or better) on the finished diameter. Overall part size is ~ 20 x 5 x 5. QTY 75

Due to cost, complexity, and quantity of parts I don't want to attempt this in house. My assumption is that somebody with the right setup can do this pretty easy on a machine.

Does anybody have a recommendation for a shop capable to do this for us? I'm close to Portland, OR, but freight is pretty cheap.
Sorry to hear platers put too much build up on your parts. Are all of the parts too thick on the ano? I usually see some variation on hardcoat depending on the location they are in the bath. It is easy to tell on hardcoat clear, some closer to a bronze color and some closer to silver.

How much material do you need to hone for size?
Parts are black, so impossible to tell visually how consistent the thickness is. Looks like we need to remove as much as .0005in per side. Not ideal, but customer has approved. This is our screw up more than the anodizer; we did not accommodate enough for the buildup on this particular feature.

I can bore these out on the mill, but have been convinced by others on here that honing will give a more uniform result since it is self centering.

My hope is that somebody with the right equipment can make short work out of this instead of us spending weeks chasing these things with an expanding mandrel by hand.
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Finding somebody with a machine is fairly easy, but you have to find somebody with 2" tooling and suitable stones to cut the anodize. I'm guessing that tooling is a good few bucks.
I could do it if I have a 2" mandrel. Or call Davis tool in Hillsboro. They had a couple nice sunnen hones last time I was in there.
We aren't told the weight, but it sounds like it might be a clumsy handful on a horizontal. Thats a 50# part, less removed material, worse if the hole isn't centered. The weight of the part may want to move feature centerline. A vertical hone may be a better choice here.