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Horizontal milling machine Cincinnati #2 or sajo?


Nov 12, 2005
southern u.s
I'm looking for a horizontal milling machine, have found a sajo and a Cincinnati #2 dial model 1960 , in my area ,both machines are in similar conditions the sajo is 100 miles closer to me , just would like to get a option as to which one is the best option I have no experience with either or a horizontal mill , Just need one to do an aligned boring job , the machines are in the $1500.00 range and come with no tooling the sajo does have 3axis dro . I'm conserned about parts available for the sajo , any advise will be appreciated.


Feb 3, 2018
The Cinci No 2 will have a clutch. I own a 2MI, which is a lovely machine. Quiet, smooth, accurate, rigid, easy to use. You are very unlikely to regret buying a cincinnati. The dial type should be even better. The time to drive tonthe machine is far less than the time to load, unload, install etc. In my view, if they are in similar condition, go the extra 100 miles for the cinci.