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Horizontal Sheet and Bar Storage Rack ideas?


Oct 9, 2014
South Dakota
Ran across the Kasto site the other day and been thinking about our steel storage. https://www.kasto.com/en/storage/sheet-metal-storage/all-sheet-metal-storage.html
Has anyone built a simpler version down this line? A cheaper version would be the cartridge style such as this: https://www.onpoint-solutions.com/steelstack
I really like the Kasto concept but it looks expensive and to build a version that worked well would be a job with all the moving parts.
Our challenge would be we get a lot of custom length sheet up to 16' long so the rack would have to be bigger than what's available.
For flat bar and angle I'd like to use vertical space against a wall and like the idea of a way to drop any size down to working height but wouldn't need nearly as elaborate of a system. (Maybe use forklift to move material up and down?)

Love to see your what others have come up with!


Oct 29, 2017
I've thought about various systems like this for laser automation. Simplest I came up with was a two position hydraulic ram assembly with holes in the posts. Solenoid operated pins (with sensors) would engage all of the upper racks onto the lifting assembly, and create a gap at the pallet you want to unload.

Pins can only move when all of the pallets are against their hard stops in the lowered position


Oct 10, 2009
Old laser sheetloaders are a dime a dozen. I have scrapped several of them.

A forklift and finger racks seems to work well for most until they grow to the point of a sheetloading system.