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How might I align parts for assembly (Power hammer modification)

Adair Orr

Apr 11, 2006
A friend has been helping me build an extension for the lower die holder of my Quickwork Power Hammer. This pedestal will give me more clearance around the dies for smaller work.

I've attached photos of what we've accomplished so far. I've also added notes to describe my goals. I'd like to learn how to align these parts in order to mark and connect them with reasonable precision. Is anyone willing to guide me through this process? I don't have much for x or y references as you can see in the photo comments.


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Is the die holder (sow block) already connected to the tapered pedestal, which needs to be welded to the adapter plate?

Or is it the die holder that needs welded to the pedestal?

Or is neither joint already fixed?
Hello BajaFire,
The attached drawing might help clarify. The component with the female dovetail is not yet welded to the rest of what will become a complete sow block. It does have a mating pin and bore so that they index together, but right now are free to rotate about their long axis.

The base of the sow block needs to be positioned on the adapter plate that it sits on. It needs to align fore-and-aft, and side-to side so that the two dies are aligned. I don't know how to do this with any precision, nor what tools a machinist would use to establish these axis.



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I would put the anvil on a 4 bolt flange plate
so with oversize holes, it is adjustable for radial and
a bit of angular alignment.
Making something like that perfect and then welding it
in position is a bit crazy, as there is so much potential for
other parts to get out of alignment and wear, causing
you an issue that can not be adjusted.