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How to determine spindle part # 98 HS-1rp

D Farms

Dec 11, 2018
I have a 98 HS-1RP and while I was tracking down some leaks on the lub panel I mixed up some of the air lines. I had put tape on them and the corresponding fittings, however the oil that was all over everything allowed the tape to fall off. anyways I looked up the service manual for my machine. I have one for 1997 one for 1998 one for 2001 and one for 2003. The 98 and 97 service manuals show an air regulator set to 3 psi outputs to a 1/4in od air line that goes into the spindle to air cool it. Also my build document located in the control cabinet indicates I have a grease pack spindle.

2001 and 2003 service manual's indicate that 99 and later machines use an oil lubricated spindle, and the lube panel is setup to blow an oil air mixture with a 25 psi regulated pressure into the spindle through a 1/4in air line.

My machine has what seems like the air/oil configuration on the lube panel, and a solenoid to actuate it as well.

Is there a specific spot where the part number is located on the spindle? or an easy way to tell if its been swapped out for an oil lubricated unit?

Th other issue is when I put the lube/air panel back together oil starts feeding out of the 1/4in fitting while I prime the oil system, and no pressure is built up. there is a check valve in there that might be in the wrong way, or might be broken. If anyone can post pictures of their air/lube panel it would be greatly appreciated.