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How to exit from G53-MachineCoordinate setting?

Jun 15, 2023

We purchased a 50 t DMU machine with a Heidenhain Millplus v320 controller.

can anyone tell me what to do next in order to exit the output mode to the starting points and start working?

namely, what happens: after starting the machine, we select all the axes (in accordance with the instructions) and transfer them to the starting points of the G53 coordinates. on our machine, these are X501.114, Y401.269 and Z401.099. depending on the speed - the G53 points may differ slightly (up to 1 mm).

The main question is: WHAT SHOULD I DO NEXT?
Please watch the video at the link:

Good evening, I have a slightly different machine, but I think the principle of operation is the same.

You need to hold down the white ON key and then hold down the F10 key, this should activate your machine.

After that, you need to press the Alle Achsen button and the green cycle on button.

I think this should help.

Where are you from? I think I could explain in your native language.
Solved. In manual of machine and in any of manual in internet we can not find that SPEED of traveling to reference points must be big enough! If you have same problem just increase speed of traveling for Reference Point. At control MillPlus v320 : UP speed switch on 12Hours and DOWN switch on 3Hours, after that press "All axes" soft key and "Program start" key. This was help us.