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How to make a self reversing screw?


Except I can design winch diamond screw shaft (or be known spooling shaft, level winder shaft), I can also design spooling pawls (or be known spooling nut, guide block). The spooling nut is fitted with diamond screw shaft. If you provide relate data to me. I can design them for you. I send a photo to you for your reference.

Very nice!

Are you offering to help out for the fun of it, or are you looking for a business opportunity?

I'm pretty sure that "for the fun of it" is a better choice in this thread.

I try to send a photo of winch diamond screw shaft to you for your reference. I do not know whether to send success


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If you want to know more photos and more information of winch diamond screw shaft and nut, you may search “Dalian Dehua” on/in “google map” or ‘google webpage”.
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Very interesting thread!
I'm looking for a supplier of self reversing screws at the moment & there are very few that I can find,.. the one quote I've received for a 500mm x 20mm screw was £1400!!

So,.. I'm thinking about making my own. I don't need super accuracy or even a strong material, I was considering using a nylon bar.

I think it might be possible to produce a very basic but working screw with little more that a complex jig and a dremmel! :)
Cory, with, "This is not for any project yet. I am just playn around." as criteria, your lathe turned example of diamond threads looks great and an easy way to to complete it would be to turn off both ends at tooth root* diameter and make a sleeve for each that incorporates the arcing return ramp and pin the the sleeves in place.
*lets face it, the screw is only as strong as the root diameter anyway.
This would allow you to do your best, find a slight error if any and tweek it.

Any subsequent features on either end of the shaft could be a part of one or both of the sleeves.

You could do worse than copy the design for the follower that Dalian Dehua kindly submitted as an example. The other option whould be a follower sleeve with a pin pointing inward, on which the "follow paddle' swivels.

The place where this screw was most common was in the Yankee screwdriver. They are still available, and have a neat nut design.

The Yankee is a clever design, but the screw rotates only in one direction at a time, and the nut is not powered back and forth. It ratchets on return, and reverse is achieved by selecting a second nut with an opposite ratchet. I'm not sure whether you could re-rig this design to oscillate because I'm not sure it could reverse cleanly at the end of its stroke.
Rapid traverse on lathes use these screws they have a forward nut and a reverse nut and it is activated by a brake on the od of the nut selected.
Lots of garden hose reels use those for level winding. Time to go to home depot....
Lots of garden hose reels use those for level winding. Time to go to home depot....

Yep, I just found one in the alley, the 'gyspy' still works.

If somebody encourages me, I can dismantle it and post some images.

If somebody wants the critical parts, they would fit in a flat-rate box; send me a PM.

I have enough "neat stuff" sitting around, so it's in my best interest to not get attached to this hose reel.