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How to move a stuck ATC?


Oct 10, 2023
I accidentally fat fingered the reset button while in the middle of a tool change. The umbrella type tool changer is stuck at the spindle and the z position is locked due to ATC position error. The panel keys to move the tool changer in and out is not working. Probably due to the spindle still being in the way.

The machine is a sharp svl2414 with Siemens 828d controller.

So How do I move the tool changer? Is there a way I can bypass alarms to move the spindle out of the way?


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You can try to check for safety interlocks or refer to the manual of the machine.

If you can't figure it out that way then just contact the good old technical Support
Idk if it would work on this one, but on a machine I have ran I unhooked the airline to the cylinder that moved the carousel in/out and was able to physically move the carousel that way and get things to reset. I'd pull toolholders out of carousel and spindle if possible before resetting in case it tries to move it back into the spindle..
There should be a too change recovery procedure setup by Sharp. Unfamiliar with that specific machine but usually it’s something like a maintenance menu or a group of M codes beginning with a maintenance mode style code that allows for a stepping through the tool change. If nothing is available or you don’t feel like contacting sharp to get the proper documents on the procedure, unhooking air lines and trying to physically move things around is a fine option.