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How to post an image on Practical Machinist

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Nov 16, 2002
Arvada Colorado
Ow Test



Jun 26, 2006
Canyon Lake Texas
Here is a very good photo resizer for anyone that has MS WindowsXP. Down load the ImageResier.exe program. Once you install it you will see a "Resize Picture" option when you right click on your photo. I believe it can do multiple pix at once too. I does not hurt your regular pix but creates a duplicate copy of the resize image. Very handy for those that email a lot of pictures to family and friends etc.

Yeah, that Powertoy (Image Resizer)is great if you are running XP. However, if you are running Vista (as I am) you are out of luck!
To my knowledge there is nothing even close to that item for Vista.
If I am wrong there, I hope someone tells me about it quickly. Not having an easy image resizer is one of my greatest complaints with Vista.......... pg


Cast Iron
Sep 22, 2006
Lincoln, NE
What photo hosting site works best ?

Recently I posted some pictures and a short video to another Forum on PracticalMachinist.

Within a day, my AOL address book was "hijacked" and the only thing I could track it to was the video I had posted because it led directly back to my photobucket account.

I don't know how all that kind of stuff works, but found out that all of the names in my address book were sent a nefarious email that further led to some website that I personally refrained from clicking on.

I immediately sent a follow-up email telling all the persons on the email address book list to be wary of the one sent before.

Well, as can be expected, some of the other recipients of that email went to the website.
I don't think anyone suffered any harm, but today I get an email from AOL telling me that there had been an AOL TOS (Terms of Service) violation due to that 1st email and that any further violations will result in automatic suspension and closure of account.

I replied to them and stated the situation....and that between photobucket and AOL, there should be safeguards to prevent this "hijacking".

I do not hold PracticalMachinist at fault at all.

I've read and re-read photobuckets Help topics regarding sharing photos and videos and cannot determine how to share a video (or picture, for that matter) on a forum such as this one and not be concerned about risk.

It's not only aggravating to me, there are many others at risk too.

Bottom line, does anyone know the proper way to set up these photo/video sites ?

Is one better than another in this regard?

I've looked into Picasa, Tinypic, and Flickr with about the same level of understanding.
Any insite or help is appreciated.

Thanks, Gatz