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How we crate a Deckel FP1

Jan 15, 2005
The Netherlands
I sold a FP1 to Australia So I had to crate it
All over the world ISPM wood is accepted but Australia has diviated rules about wood for crates Plywood needs to be certificatedalso for example
So we use solid wood for the crate that is heattreated
Then the shipment has to be gassed anyway somewhere from september to june because of the brown motted stink bug :crazy:
We start with lining the crate with a VCI foil That foil generates a atmosphere that prevents rust
As it was a tight fit we bolted some accessories to the wall as well
We always like to put skids directly under the machine That way you can not drop the machine through the deck Happened almost to me once
We also bolted a beam to the table and screwed that to some beams screwed to the sides
We think we do a decent job like that



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Pete Deal

Apr 10, 2007
Morgantown, WV
It’s good to post this, nice work. I just recently sold a cutoff saw that I vowed I wouldn’t ship. I got talkied into shipping it. So, just went through this process myself. Lots of work! I had it bolted to the bottom and tack welded the nuts on the bottom and staked them on the top.

Regarding the stink bugs, miserable creatures! About a month ago it was a beautiful fall day so I worked with the roll-up door open all day in the shop. I must have gotten 200 of them in the shop. I wound up stomping 10-15 a day in the shop for a few weeks. We’re in the woods here and have them bad.