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Hurco 5 axis simultaneous - rippled surface.


Sep 5, 2012
Tipp City, OH
We have a Hurco VMX42HSRTi which is a head+table (B+C) machine. We are trying to cut our first true 5 axis part (Its an aerospace wing). The C axis is 24" diameter. The part is also about 24". If we machine the surface using just 3 axis or 4 axis (B tilted) the part looks great. When we try to machine the part using all the axis combined then it shows "ripples" in the part towards both ends of the outer areas of the surface (the furthest away from center of the rotary). The center areas look fine. We need to use the full 5 axis paths to completely machine the edges of the wing so we can't just use the tilted B axis by itself.

We also noticed that after cutting the part with all 5 axis and then re-cutting it using just 4 axis that there was about a .002 difference in the outer ends of the surface where it didn't clean up like it's not following the same contours.

The distributer came out to look at the machine but didn't find anything wrong with it. They did try updating the software. The machine is just over one year old.
We've tried changing the SFQ (Surface Finish Quality) parameter at the machine and it did not improve.
The part is programmed using tool axis vectors (IJK) and .0002" intol/outtol (same for all types of tool paths).

Has anyone done any true 5 axis simultaneous parts on their Hurco's? I'm wondering if it's the machine or the Hurco software in it can't handle all the axis accurately. Really has us wondering if we should have purchased a different machine.

Here is the surface using just 4 axis.
Wing 4 axis 1.jpg

Here is the same surface using all 5 axis.
Wing full 5 axis 1.jpg

Here is a stock photo of the machine layout.
Hurco VMX42SRTi.jpg