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Hurco KM5P issues


Jan 12, 2021
Looking for some direction on my Hurco KM5P 3 axis running Win32 software issue. Was running fine 4 months ago but when I tried to start it up yesterday I get a Servo AMP fault on Z axis on the control. I opened up the control cabinet and watched for error codes on the Z axis card.
The machine starts up as normal until I try to calibrate the unit. I select Manual key, press the power button, press "Reset Servos and Sprindle" key and thenpress the "Start" button. I hear the normal clicks and hums but nothing is moving and within a few seconds (4-8) I get a "Servo AMP Fault on Z axis" displayed on the monitor and the Z axis card shows "1" condition on the display.
According to the chart the Axis Amplifier Seveb-segment LED display condition 1 is an "Overcurrent" condition. Probable cause might be "defective current feedback circuit or defective main circuit transistor module."
Anyone out there seen this issue before or any anyone have any advise on which direction to head? Any help would be greatly appricated. Thanks in advance for your time.